Anderson Silva, Randy Couture MMA Action Figures by Round5 MMA

As a longtime fan of MMA, I am always interested in how the sport has evolved outside of the cage. Now with the sport hitting the mainstream market with a prime demographic of 13-35 year olds, you see MMA’s influence when you go shopping from Chuck Liddell t-shirts at Kohl’s to wall posters at Spencers to Everlast MMA gloves at Big 5.

Now from Canada, a small start-up Round5 MMA has introduced MMA action figures from Randy Couture to Tito Ortiz to Matt Hughes to Anderson Silva to even the most famous MMA ref Big John McCarthy.

As a longtime comic book collector, I see a lot of value from collecting them not just because they are cool but aesthetically and long-term investment in these figures could prove to be valuable as the different series go out of manufacture.

Check out online or look at your local Spencer’s gifts or Walmart in Canada.

Round 5 MMA UFC figurines

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NEW Energy Drink!!! Oh wait, it’s just chocolate milk…

From Yahoo MMA

Q. Doc, are there any supplements that you would recommend? (from Anonymous)

Despite my better judgment, I will try again with this topic.

I’ll offer one (there may be others) that has actually been reasonably tested and does not come with too much hype.

Seemingly every athlete, regardless of his or her level, is looking for an edge, a little help, something with which to train and/or perform better. Hence, the tremendous sum of money being spent on “performance” products and supplements. In these trying economic times, I have an inexpensive little secret for you: chocolate milk.

Continue article…

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Henry Cejudo – 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist – Wrestling Clinic


Henry Cejudo – 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist

MA USA Wrestling Presents:
“Legends of the Fall Wrestling Clinic”

4x H.S. State Champion ● 2x Pan American Champion ● 2x National Champion ● Youngest U.S. Wrestler in History to win Gold Medal ● 2nd youngest of 7 siblings ● Jay Leno Appearance ● Oprah Winfrey Show Appearance ● Featured in the LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, and other major Newspapers ● Threw out first pitch at MLB Arizona Diamondbacks Game ● Will throw the coin toss at Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals NFL Game

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Hudson High School Gymnasium
69 Brigham Street
Hudson, MA 01749
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Cost: $10 for pre-registered participants
($20 for those who register the day of)
free with donation of pair of usable wrestling shoes

*Team rates are available – contact Aaron at apolansky©

Flier (PDF): [link]

Mail this form with check payable to MA USA Wrestling to:
Aaron Polansky, Cejudo Clinic, 197 Flint Road, Charlton, MA 01507
Please list name(s) attending:

Aaron L. Polansky
Director, MA USA Wrestling
197 Flint Road
Charlton, MA 01507


Forrest Griffin’s Extreme Workout from Men’s Fitness

From Men’s Fitness

“Many mixed martial arts experts doubted Forrest Griffin’s chances at UFC 86, but all agreed that he would not be outworked. In a sport filled with gym rats, no one is more enamored with training than the 29-year-old former cop. He usually puts in three workouts per day during the week. Here’s a look at what the new champion does to prepare for a fight:

Morning: 30 minutes of boxing practice against mitts, 90 minutes of light wrestling/jiu-jitsu moves
Afternoon: Wrestling practice
Evening: Strength and conditioning exercises (see the moves here), plus 30-minute run on the treadmill

Tuesday and Thursday
Morning: 60 minutes of light wrestling/jiu-jitsu moves
Afternoon: Simulates UFC fight with hard sparring
Evening: 60 minutes of plyometric exercises

Morning: 60 minutes of boxing practice
Afternoon: Practices wrestling and jiu-jitsu moves
Evening: Repeat Monday evening’s workout

Morning: Same as Monday morning
Afternoon: “Shark tank” wrestling practice, an hour-long drill in which he’ll wrestle one guy for a minute and see a new guy continually jump in
Evening: Does five “five-minute rounds” on a treadmill at 10 mph with a minute’s rest in between

Morning: Gantlet workout, which includes weighted running drills on steps and dragging a sled
Evening: Simulates UFC fight with hard sparring”

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Tito Ortiz Seminar – Throwdown Training Center San Diego – Sept. 5

from Throwdown Elite Training Center – San Diego:

“That’s right everyone, the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy,” and former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz will display his talents right here at Throwdown Elite Training Center, Friday, September 5, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn Tito’s “No Holds Barred” approach to MMA.  Tito will cover striking, grappling, take downs, and more.

Throwdown Elite members may register for this unique event for $100.00.  The non-member fee is $125.00.  The spectator fee is $30.00.

Caution though, spots are limited and will sell out.  Those who want to be a part of this event need to reserve a spot ASAP by contacting our front desk staff or by following the instructions below to sign up via online registration.” Fitness Center

A lot of great tips on’s Fitness page.  A lot of  cool fitness programs to choose from:

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Beast Skills – Bodyweight strength training and gymnastics


Well at least that’s what the website says…

The guy was a former gymnast who details how to do different handstands, push-ups and squats.

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TUF Winner bio: Amir Sadollah

from Wikipedia:

“Amir Sadollah was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Richmond, Virginia. Following his graduation from J.R. Tucker High School he attended Jay Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Amir began mixed martial arts as a way to stay in shape. He began to take the sport more seriously after working as a surgical technician at VCU Healthsystems and seeing similarities in the personalities of surgeons and fighters. Without having fought in an official MMA match, Amir tried out for The Ultimate Fighter. He impressed Dana White and producers enough to earn a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete on the show. Amir went on to win the tournament and the title of the Ultimate Fighter. He is currently a member of Team Combat.”

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